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Lissi Verifier is a service is focused on verifying verifiable credentials using connectionless proof requests. A Lissi Verifier instance can be directly connected to a Lissi Agent tenant. In the following, the user flow on how to use the Lissi Verifier is outlined.


When opening the Lissi Verifier app users are presented with the same login screen as shown with the Lissi Agent. A user can also log in using the same credentials as used for logging in to the Lissi Agent.

Choose a Proof Template

Lissi Verifier shows all the proof templates configured in the Lissi Agent tenant that it is connected to.

Present the Connectionless Proof Request

Once a proof template has been chosen, a QR code is displayed. The user can present this QR code to a person who he wants to verify.

View Proof Presentation

Once a person scanned and answered the proof request the result is automatically shown to the user. On the one hand, the user can check if a valid proof has been sent. On the other hand, the user can see the claims that have been sent with the proof.

In case an invalid proof presentation is provided (e.g. a revoked credential is presented or a predicate check is not met) this will also be indicated in the app.

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