Lissi Platform

  • SSI Agent for businesses

  • Consists of Lissi Agent and Lissi Connect

Lissi Agent

  • Core part of the Lissi Platform

  • Aries cloud agent

  • Supports AnonCreds and Indy Ledgers

Lissi Connect

  • Optional component of the Lissi Platform

  • Offers password-less authentication and authorization based on verifiable credentials

  • Open ID Connect Identity Provider

  • Lissi Connect is the bridge between the OIDC and SSI world

Lissi Wallet

  • SSI Agent for holders

  • Can be used by end-users to manage their verifiable credentials

  • Aries cloud agent

  • Supports AnonCreds and Indy Ledgers


  • Decentralized ID

  • cryptographically linked to a private and public key

Public DID

  • a DID that is published on a ledger

Private DID

  • a DID that is not published to a ledger

Default DID

  • can be either a public or a private DID

  • every tenant of a Lissi Agent has one default DID

  • the default DID will be used when

    • writing schemas to the ledger

    • writing credential definitions to the ledger

    • connection invitations

    • creating conectionless proof requests

Peer DID

  • a private DID

  • represents a peer-to-peer connection with another agent

  • only shared with one other agent





Proof Exchange

  • Proof Presentation

  • Presentation Proof

  • Proof Request

  • Presentation Exchange

Proof Template

  • Presentation Configuration


  • Presentation

Credential Definition

  • based on a schema

  • can be revocable or non-revocable

  • has a credential image

Credential Image

  • each Credential Definition is associated with an image

  • the image is displayed in the Lissi Wallet


  • Attribute Group

  • based on a credential definition

Credential Exchange


  • outline for credential definitions

  • defines a set of attributes for credential definitions

Connection Exchange

  • process of establishing a connection between two agents

  • first, a connection invitation is created


Connection Invitation

Pending Connection Invitation


Credential Attributes

Self-Attested Attributes