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The Lissi Agent offers a WebSocket STOMP interface where clients can subscribe to.

Connect to the WebSocket Interface

The WebSocket interface is exposed under wss://<DOMAIN>/ctrl/stomp.

When initiating the STOMP connection handshake the same authorization header needs to be provided that is also required when calling the HTTP API: authorization: Bearer <access-token>

Subscribe to Topics

The following list provides an overview of the available topics clients can subscribe to. Note that clients can only subscribe to updates from one particular tenant at a time.

  • /proof-templates/<tenant-id>

  • /credential-definitions/<tenant-id>

  • /schemas/<tenant-id>

  • /connections/<tenant-id>

  • /proofs/<tenant-id>

  • /credential/<tenant-id>

  • /messages/<tenant-id>

  • /allConnectionsRemoved/<tenant-id>

  • /allCredentialRecordsRevoked/<tenant-id>

  • /allCredentialRecordsRemoved/<tenant-id>

  • /allProofRecordsRemoved/<tenant-id>

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