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Tenant Administration

This sections explains:

The tenant dashboard

Get to the tenant dashboard by clicking the logo on the upper right corner and selecting “Manage Tenants” as illustrated in the following picture:

The tenant dashboard:

Lissi tenant administration dashboard

  1. Create a new tenant

  2. Label = The public name of the organisation shown within the wallet / agent of an entity you are communicating with.

  3. Id = The internal identificator of your agent for organisational purposes.

  4. Change the label, Id, or image of the tenant or delete it.

  5. Search for existing tenants by entering a label or an Id.

  6. Go to the next page of the list given you have more tenants than illustrated per page.

How to create a new tenant

Id* = Internal identificator

Label = Public name shown in the wallet / agent of entities you are communicating with.

ImageUrl = an URL (internet address) ending in .png or .jpg

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