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Purge Routine

Purge routines are used to clear user-sensitive information.

When configuring purge routines you need to consider the following:

  • Purge routines can be configured on 2 levels: tenant level and agent level

  • Agent level configuration is the one that is applied by default

  • Agent level configuration is set up at the start of the application and can’t be changed during runtime

  • Agent level configuration is specified with deployment variables. Those values are not mandatory, if no values are applied the default ones will be used

  • Tenant level configuration can be applied using UI in the update panel, they will override default ones but only for this specific tenant

Purge Routine configuration for tenant:

When updating tenant level purge configuration you will see following expansion panel:

There are the following three fields:

  • Purge enabled - do we want to run purge routines for this specific tenant. If not, the data removal won’t be applied to the tenant.

  • Interval - how often we search for data to remove

  • Data Lifespan - for how long data is persisted in the application. If it is not old enough the data is not removed

Example of a use case - a tenant has purge routine set to enabled, interval is one day and data lifespan is set to 2 weeks. In this case once a day we look for data that is more than 2 weeks old and delete it.

The values are set in hours, for 2 input fields minimal value is 1 hour.

Data prone to removal:

There are 2 records in the application that are subject to purge routines:

  • Exchanged credentials details

  • Exchanged proof requests details

Data records after purge routine:

After data is purged the exhcanged credential and proof details are not displayed anymore. There is a Purged flag specified and records are not clickable anymore

For presentations:

For credentials:

Purge Routine Process:

  • Create credential definition

  • Create Proof

  • Send credential and proof to the connection

  • Wait for the time specified as your data lifespan (data can be accepted, declined or ignored on the wallet side, it does not affect the process)

  • Observe exchanged data update after purge routine is run

Third party credential and proof exchanges:

The credentials and proof exchanges that are exchanged between 3d party agents are not susceptible to removal. Those you can find on the 'Wallet' page of the agent UI

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