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Credential Issuance

Credential issuance process

Step 1: Create a new schema or import a new schema

Step 2: Create a new credential definition or import one

Step 3: Create a connection with an end user

There are two possibilities to send out credentials

Step 4a: In credential definition dashboard click the “+” button on a specific credential definition

Credential definition dashboard

Select a specific connection to which the credential should be send

Send credential action menu


Step 4b.) In connections dashboard search for a specific connection (either in the list or via the search function)

Connection dashbaord

Once a specific connection has been selected click on the button “Send credentials”

Connection action menu

Select a specific credential definition

All credential definition will be displayed in the selection field.

Click the “Send” button

Send credential action menu


Step 5: Define the attributes of the credential to be send to a specific connection / user.

Attributes can be text, pictures (.png limited size), .pdf-files (limited size)

Step 6: Click the “Send” button

Send credential action menu

Step 7: The credential will be now be send to the selected connection / user and the user needs to follow the instruction on his wallet.

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