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IDunion Test Ledger

Currently, IDunion offers a Test ledger for testing SSI use cases and demo purposes.

Onboarding Process

To get access to the IDunion Test Ledger please fill out the following form: Application for the IDunion Endorser Service (Testnetwork)

In addition, please write an email to with a short notice that you have applied for the Testnetwork Endorser Service.

Endorser Service

During the onboarding process you will receive credentials to access the IDunion Endorser Service. The service offers an UI as well as an API to publish your DID on the IDunion Test Ledger.

For publishing the DID you need to provide the DID as well as verkey (= public key). You can find both on the “About” page of the Lissi Agent UI.

Please note that every tenant has a unique DID that needs to be published to the ledger individually.

Promote DID in Lissi Agent

Once the DID has been published to the ledger the Lissi Agent also needs to be informed that the DID is not a private DID anymore but is a public DID now. Therefore, checkout the page DID Management.

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