Access to the Docker Images and Configuration Files

To setup Lissi Agent you require:

  1. Access to the Docker images (is granted via a personal access token)

  2. The Lissi Agent configuration files

Setup a VM

Optional but recommended is to set the current user with privileged access to docker. Avoiding prefacing docker commands with sudo

Register a Domain Name

Register a domain name that links to the VM’s public IP address. The UI, the controller and the user management system will respectively be accessible from this domain at https://YOUR.DOMAIN/, https://YOUR.DOMAIN/ctrl/ and https://YOUR.DOMAIN/auth.


1. Configuration Files

  • Upload the configuration files to the server, unzip them, and store them into the folder ~/app

  • Ensure that the scripts in the folders keycloak, client, server are executable

    sudo chmod 744 ~/app/keycloak/
    sudo chmod 744 ~/app/server/
    sudo chmod 744 ~/app/client/
  • Ensure that the ~/app/client/letsencrypt/ script is executable (chmod 744)

    sudo chmod 744 ~/app/client/letsencrypt/

2. .profile (Environment variables)

  • Move the file .profile to ~/.profile

    mv .profile ~/.profile
  • Edit the values for the following variables - both will be used to create a Let's Encrypt Certificate


    • EMAIL

  • If desired the pre-filled KEYCLOAK_PASSWORD and AGENT_LABEL can be modified. The password will be necessary to connect to the user management system under https://YOUR.DOMAIN/auth. The label will be displayed on the Lissi Agent UI and in SSI Wallets when connecting to other agents.

  • Source the .profile to apply the changes

    source ~/.profile

3. Installation

  • Run the script ``

    cd ~/app
  • Open the domain of your agent and log in using username lissi and password lissi

  • On your first login, you are prompted to change the password to something secure