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Connections are an end-to-end encrypted communication channel to interact with third parties.
These connections can be established with end users (customers, citizens …), legal entities (suppliers, clients …) or IoT devices (Raspberry Pi, Access control gate, cars …)

Create a new connection

Menu bar → Connections

Step 1: Click the button “New connection”

Connection dashboard

Step 2: Select generate invitation link

Step 3: Enter a name for the connection (e.g. Max Mustermann)

Step 3: Click the button “Create”

New connection action menu

Step 4: A QR-Code is automatically created

The end user could either scan the QR-Code with a compatible SSI Wallet or you can use the “Copy link” button to copy the link and send the information within the link to the end user via email or messenger.

The QR-Code and link is compatible with many SSI Wallets, however we recommend the “Lissi Wallet” to ensure the best user experience on your end user side.

Step 5: The end user needs to either scan the link with a SSI wallet or open the link in a browser and follow the further instructions (depending on the specific end user wallet).

Delete a connection

You can delete a connection by clicking the “delete connection” button and confirm.

If you wish to delete all user related data you need to click “Delete all” and confirm.

Connection action menu


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