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Admin UI

The Admin UI of the Lissi Agent enables you to manage your agent and perform actions without deep technical knowledge.

Watch a 5 minute video explaining the basic:

In this section we explain:


To login into the Admin UI open the following URL in your webbrowser.


Log in

Admin console

Once you are logged in, the Admin UI appears.

The following functions are hidden behind the highlighted elements.

1. Enlarge menu bar

2. Select a tenant (if multi tenant mode is enabled)

3. About / Info

About information board

The following information is provided:

  • DID

  • Public Key (“Verkey”)

  • UI Version

  • Controller version

  • Agent Version

  • Agent label: Is the name displayed in the wallet of users

  • Ledger name: Is the ledger where the agent is connected (e.g. IDunion, Sovrin, Indicio,…)

  • Mediator url

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